For 75 years, TRIVEL fittings, accessories and systems have been recognized as the maximum guarantee and reliability to execute projects with glass. To hold, support, secure glass panels and move heavy doors is the specialty of INDUSTRIAS GALTÉS, S.A.


TRIVEL is the registered trademark of INDUSTRIAS GALTÉS, S.A. and leader in research, development and manufacture of fittings, accessories and systems for projects with flat glass. From their 4.000 m2 facilities in Castellbisbal (Barcelona), they continue to grow, evolve, research and improve to offer high quality products with the commitment and service that characterizes them.




Experience makes INDUSTRIAS GALTES better


Download their catalogue to find their products and solutions: hinges, floor springs, patch fittings, door rails, locks, strike boxes, knobs, handles and antipanic systems, among many others! 


CATALOGUE - CATÁLOGO_page-0001.jpgDownload INDUSTRIAS GALTÉS catalogue









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Download INDUSTRIAS GALTÉS 2020 collection



INDUSTRIAS GALTÉS is one of the most innovative companies within the Spanish Hardware Components and Tools sector. We have selected them to present how they have implemented a QCDM philosophy (quality, cost, delivery and motivation), through an interesting video that you can watch in our Case Study section.

  • Pull Handles
  • Patch fittings
  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Electronic strike boxes
  • Antipanic systems
  • Meet TRIVEL

Download documents

  • brochure.pdf (10,21 MB) BROCHURE brochure.pdf (10,21 MB)
  • vesta-v12-hinges-for-glass-thickness-12mm.pdf (2,52 MB) NEW VESTA HINGES - NUEVAS BISAGRAS VESTA vesta-v12-hinges-for-glass-thickness-12mm.pdf (2,52 MB)
  • new-adjustable-hinges-bar.pdf (0,98 MB) NEW HINGES BAR -NUEVA BISAGRA BAR new-adjustable-hinges-bar.pdf (0,98 MB)
  • hinge-bar-adjustable-alignment.pdf (0,54 MB) HINGE BAR - BISAGRA BAR hinge-bar-adjustable-alignment.pdf (0,54 MB)
  • hidrobi-hinges-new-finish.pdf (2,37 MB) NEW FINISH FOR HIDROBI COLLECTION: ANODISED BRIGHT hidrobi-hinges-new-finish.pdf (2,37 MB)
  • g-100e-hydraulic-pernio.pdf (1,16 MB) HYDRAULIC PERNIO: SPECIAL FOR OUTDOOR DOORS g-100e-hydraulic-pernio.pdf (1,16 MB)

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